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The S.A.F.E. Approach

The S.A.F.E. Approach is a training program designed for use in instances when the use of verbal and non-verbal communication skills can reduce the risk of negative or violent encounters with mentally challenged, angry, aggressive, or hostile persons while increasing the safety of all involved.

At the heart of The S.A.F.E. Approach is the concept of recognizing potentially hazardous situations and mitigating their impact all while treating individuals with dignity and respect.

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our curriculum

Tailored to the specific needs of each program, our curriculum addresses the problems and issues unique to the settings where workplace violence has become a problem. Whether it be in healthcare settings, office or industrial workplaces, schools, or places of worship, our curriculum is designed to help mitigate issues relating to workplace violence. Your employees will come away from our program with a better understanding of how to reduce the potential for violent encounters and to mitigate their impact on your institution.