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About Us

The S.A.F.E. Approach is an offering of Watch House International, LLC., a security, safety and training organization.  Watch House is comprised of former Federal, state and municipal law enforcement officials; U.S. military officers and business executives seeking to apply their specialized knowledge, skills and experience to contemporary challenges faced by corporate and government clients. Today, many of our instructors and consultants come from a pool of experienced Certified Emergency Managers with strong medical backgrounds, current and former health care safety and security directors and officers, and those with advanced degrees in professional psychology. Watch House and its more than 200 associates provide safety and security training, risk management, threat assessment, preparedness planning and crisis response to protect personnel and assets.

Watch House maintains strategic partnerships with a number of proven companies such as Lockheed Martin, Texas A&M University, Incident Management Training Consortium (IMTC), Strategos International and others. Our website can be viewed at: